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Please use this site to promote courtesy

You are welcome to use the please and thanks web site to promote courteous behaviour in your business or organisation.

The please and thanks web site is aimed at businesses and organisations in the United Kingdom and intends to promote the benefits of courteous behaviour.

Use of the site and materials on it are free at present, except where customised support materials are required. If we do introduce further chargeable products or services, any charges will be clearly indicated.


While we aim to ensure that information is accurate and correct at all times, any individual or organisation making use of information from this site does so at their own risk and the owners take no responsibility for any actions arising from this. Any disputes will be resolved in the English courts under English law. For more detailed information, please say courtesy@pleaseandthanks.co.uk or call 0333 0444 354.


All text, images and designs on the please and thanks web site are the intellectual property of Robert Zarywacz and Simon Zarywacz, who assert their rights of ownership.

Businesses, other organisations and individuals are welcome to download and make use of the materials available on this site and to quote from articles and text published here, providing all quotations are clearly credited to please and thanks and are accompanied by the www.pleaseandthanks.co.uk web address.

If you would like custom versions of support materials with your own organisation’s logo, please contact us for details of costs and to request permission.


We employ a responsible approach to handling any information you send to please and thanks and will not forward or sell personal details to third parties.

Where you provide consent for us to contact you, we will send you email or other communications which we believe are of relevance and interest you. In the pursuit of politeness, it is not in our interest to abuse the trust you place in please and thanks.

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October 2010

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