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The people with the polite approach

Brothers and business partners, Simon and Robert Zarywacz are the movers and creators of please and thanks.


In a business environment where all is brash, hurried and last-minute, Simon noted some time ago that clients referred to them as “gentlemen”. What was sad was that this seemed unusual. This was the defining moment behind the foundation of please and thanks, although the brothers’ belief in this philosophy goes back a long way.

Remembering genuine customer service

In the 1980s, Robert was employed in a corporate communications role in the Quality Team of the Customer Service department at British Airways. “From New York to Delhi, from Frankfurt to Hong Kong, from Sydney to London, we monitored and promoted customer service excellence in every way,” comments Robert. “20 years on, many businesses just don’t seem to care. Some are driven solely by finance to the neglect of everything else, which is unhealthy for their long-term success. There are few large businesses still commanding any loyalty or respect, either from their customers and employees. This does not bode well for the future unless we all seek change.”

Robert abandoned the corporate world and formed the Zarywacz partnership with Simon in 1997, providing writing, editorial and communication services, and now courtesy consultancy.

“Whatever we do, we aim to be true to ourselves – that’s not always easy in today’s business environment,” says Simon.

Promoting universal courtesy

As the creators of please and thanks, Simon and Robert represent no industry group or sector. please and thanks exists as a free resource to serve all businesses and, through businesses, everyone in the United Kingdom. They are pleased it is associated with the National Campaign for Courtesy.

please and thanks supports every individual and organisation aiming for a more courteous way of life.

And, by the way, we are aiming to be more polite ourselves, so will be using the courtesy toolkit to improve our own behaviour.

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