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Just take two seconds to . . .

. . . say ‘thank you’.

It happens all the time. We’re busy. Our colleagues are busy. Our customers are busy. There’s a deadline to be met. We work beyond our contracted hours. We do it for our colleagues, for our customers, for the business or organisation, for the community. We lose all track of time to get it done.

And when we eventually click to send the report, post the goods or send off the delivery, that’s it: nothing.

No recognition, no acknowledgement, no thank you.

Someone recently told me that they had worked extremely hard, beyond the call of duty, to gather data for a project, only to hear other people thanked and their own contributions not acknowledged. They felt deflated.

It takes just a few seconds to email or text: thank you.

It takes just a few seconds to call and say: thank you.

It takes a few more seconds to pop your head into an office and say: thank you.

It takes a bit longer to call into another building and say: thank you.

Whether it’s a few seconds or a bit longer, your ‘thank you’ will mean the world to the person you thank.

And what’s more, they’ll work hard for you again when you need it.

It costs so little, yet means so much to everyone.

Read our recognition and acknowledgement polite prompt and checklist for ideas on how to thank those who work so hard for us.

Thank you.

• Robert Zarywacz is the co-founder of and is courtesy consultant for the National Campaign for Courtesy. As well as focusing on courtesy in daily life, he believes wholeheartedly in the individual benefits and commercial value of courtesy in business and the workplace. Robert provides commercial copywriting, PR and social media services at

We’re now up to 93 courteous businesses in Ilfracombe

A Happy New Year to you all!

We are delighted that the number of courteous businesses recognised in our Ilfracombe courteous town initiative has risen to 93. You can see those who have already received their certificates and stickers here.

There’s still time to nominate courteous businesses in Ilfracombe.

Ilfracombe courtesy campaign soars to 71 businesses

We’ve now recognised 71 courteous businesses in the Ilfracombe courteous town campaign.

The response from businesses and from customer nominating courteous businesses has been tremendous. You can see 56 of the recognised businesses – we only add them after we have personally presented them with certificates and stickers and are still running round to do this so check back regularly to see which businesses have been recognised.

If you live, work in or visit Ilfracombe and encounter a courteous business, please nominate them here.

The smallest acts can have a big effect

While out walking with our dogs this morning, we came to a narrow piece of pavement restricted by bollards. A boy of about 10 was walking towards us so I held the dogs back to enable him to pass. As he did so, he said “thank you” in a faint voice and I acknowledged his thanks.

A small act, but important in a fair society. Some people grumble about children having no manners, but it is up to adults to demonstrate how to behave well. Some businesses also complain that many young people don’t have social skills necessary for many types of work and again it is up to adults to show the way.

That boy could grow up to work in a shop, in an office or run an airline. All require effective social skills, of which courtesy is just one.

As well as knitting together different generations through mutual respect, courtesy helps young people, and others, want to be part of society. This includes eagerness to work and enthusiasm to participate in the running of a company, characteristics for which businesses are desperate.

How can we achieve this? Sometimes starting out in a small way is best.

Thank you.

Week ten of Ilfracombe courteous town initiative

Online reviews of businesses can be very helpful when we want to choose a product or service, but to be useful they must be balanced. A number of business owners are concerned at the growing number of more extreme reviews which seem based more on emotion than fact. People do take note of these reviews so it is vital that they are balanced, whether compliments or criticisms.

In week ten of the Ilfracombe courteous town initiative we look at how to comment reasonably when discussing a specific business.