Week twelve – Help!

28 November to 4 December

One of the recurring themes we’re seeing through the Ilfracombe courteous town initiative is how courteous businesses help people and how much this means to the people who receive that help.

What this shows is that these businesses are not just going through a daily routine, but take a genuine interest in people and respond to real needs that they have. This ranges from looking after someone who feels unwell to helping customers find the products they want, even if it means buying from a competitor. We can see how much this means to people from the actions they take to thank businesses that have helped them. Some write to newspapers, others nominate businesses in our courtesy campaign.

There are so many ways we can help people and often it doesn’t take a moment. On social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, we can retweet or share people’s requests for help. Even if we can’t help them ourselves, we can help them to find appropriate help.

From a commercial perspective, doing this shows that a business really does have the interests of its customers and the public at heart. Doing something that does not generate a sale appears to be universally appreciated and often leads to custom, as the business is more likely to remain in someone’s memory and be trusted.

So it really is important to help where we can. In week twelve, let’s see what more we can do in the course of our work to help people more and the results this can have on our business.

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