Week seven – Who do we need to thank?

24 to 30 October

As we’re half way through the Ilfracombe courteous town campaign, it seems a good time to review things.

  • Are we more aware of courtesy as we go about our day-to-day business?
  • Do we find people respond positively to courtesy, both customers and employees?
  • Are we ourselves more polite as customers?
  • Are we more aware of receiving good service as opposed to poor service, which often gets more attention?
  • Are we aware of individuals in businesses who stand out for being courteous?
  • Are there businesses we would like to thank for being courteous?

While the numbers of businesses we have been able to recognise as ‘courteous’ is growing, there are many more in Ilfracombe who still deserve to be recognised.

Several people have mentioned that they feel awkward about blowing their own trumpet, which is quite understandable. So that makes it even more important if you do know of a business that deserves recognition to nominate them. Please nominate them here – it only takes a moment or two.

All nominations are vetted – we ask for your name and contact details to verify your nomination, although these won’t be published. We have received an anonymous nomination which sadly can’t be followed up. This is vital for the credibility of the initiative.

So this week, let’s focus on saying ‘thank you’ to the businesses we use or have contact with in Ilfracombe.

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