Week nine – Courtesy and motivation

7 to 13 November

What has been so rewarding in the Ilfracombe courteous town initiative is the genuine delight and emotion shown by business owners when receiving their certificates and window stickers. Presenting these personally, although taking time, is very important because courtesy is about people and relationships.

The value of courtesy to business

One of the aims of the initiative is to increase the use of courtesy as a tool in business. As we are seeing, it is a tremendous natural motivator for everyone. It is easy for anyone to use and it is free. In the tough world of business this is valuable. It also enables businesses to be lean, efficient and competitive while retaining a human face. It enables people to work hard and enjoy their work because they are appreciated.

This time of year can make some people feel low. The summer holiday season is over and things can get quiet, but bills still have to be paid. The mornings are darker and the afternoon light disappears fast. Christmas is approaching, which promises fun, but this year many fear the expense.

Life people’s spirits . . . and motivation

It’s at times like this when please and thanks can be most powerful – to lift people’s spirits, to make them feel valued and remember all the good things.

Is there a hard-working business, an employee, a customer or supplier who needs some motivation? If you know they do a good job and are polite, now is a good time to thank them. It could also be that they are exceptionally busy as their business gears up for Christmas, in which case a thank you could help to maintain their energy.

Nominate a polite business and thank them for their hard work.

Whatever their situation, let’s focus on using courtesy as a motivator in week nine. Let us know how you motivate people through courtesy

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