Week fourteen – Saying our thank yous

12 to 18 December

The Ilfracombe courteous town initiative has turned out to be a real eye-opener. I always knew businesses appeared courteous, but over the past three months I have called in at more than hundred businesses and found them all to be very polite and welcoming.

With 74 courteous businesses now recognised, I have presented certificates and window stickers to 67 of them so far. What is remarkable is how touched people are to receive these, especially when they have been nominated by members of the public.

Saying ‘thank you’ still means so much to people.

As we approach the end of the pilot, I am asking all who have joined in to do two things:

1) As you recognise the importance of courtesy in business, please help to spread this by thanking courteous businesses you encounter. We have 74 businesses recognised, but there are some obvious omissions which need nominating. If you can think of any businesses in Ilfracombe that deserve to be nominated for being polite and are not yet listed as recognised businesses, please nominate them now.

2) As courtesy helps us all every day, please continue to practise it and so that Ilfracombe remains such a great place in which to live, work and run a business.

Thank you.

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  • Janet Hopson

    10/01/2012 at 15:51 Reply

    I shop on a regular basis at The Ilfracombe Book Shop and Artist’s centre. Paul, the proprietor is always welcoming and helpful. He will spend time with you going through catalogues to find the exact item you require, if it isn’t in his catalogues, he is happy to search online for the product you want. He will order special items for you, finding the best price, and phone you to let you know if it’s available and also will order things (however obscure)for you to collect from his shop. His knowledge of books and artist’s materials is very broad and he always goes that extra mile for you. Add to that I’ve found his prices compare extremely well to internet shopping and he is certainly cheaper than travelling to Barnstaple for similar products. To sum up, we are extremely lucky in Ilfracombe to have a business of such high quality.

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