Week thirteen – Reduce customer complaints

5 to 11 December

We’re really into the Christmas season now, in week 13 of the Ilfracombe courteous town initiative, with people focusing on their Christmas shopping, booked up for Christmas events and working to get work finished before the holidays.

We’ve already discussed the stress that this creates, but often people work themselves up and are almost ‘primed’ to complain when the slightest problem occurs. When we’re on the receiving end of these complaints, we can feel they are not justified and are bearing the brunt of all their problems. Patience can be necessary in these situations.

To prevent these situations, clear communication and creating realistic expectations are important. For more suggestions, please see our polite prompt on how to reduce customer complaints. As Christmas shopping and last-minute ordering start to create chaos, remaining polite can take more effort.

And when we’re customers, we should consider the feelings of those people who work in the businesses we use and make sure that our behaviour is reasonable too. Courtesy works both ways.

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