Speaking to courteous businesses

Well, I’ve just come back from distributing leaflets to businesses around Ilfracombe. If you haven’t received one, you should do soon.

As usually happens when walking back from the centre of town, I’m thinking of all the people I have met and chatted with. I said thank you to Duncan in Kingsley Printers for including an article on the town’s campaign in ‘Focus’ magazine. I bumped into Jerry Bix, whose hard work led to the establishment of our new COMBEbusiness business group. I met Sam Scott at the Ilfracombe Centre, who has offered to help the initiative. And I had a great chat in NotAGreedyMan Tools, an Aladdin’s cave of building and DIY equipment.¬†And then I ran out of time and had to come back as I have a meeting soon.

Everyone was naturally courteous.

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