Courteous businesses recognised in Ilfracombe increase to 45

We have now recognised 45 courteous businesses in Ilfracombe – see them listed.

Business types include mainly shops, restaurants and accommodation providers and we’d like to see more types of business represented. We’re sure there are courteous accountants, banks, builders, business service providers, care homes, caterers, cleaners, decorators, electricians, entertainers, garages, gardeners, health practitioners, lawyers, manufacturers, plumbers, taxi firms, vets and many more types of business.

If you run a business in Ilfracombe and are complimented by your customers, please get your business recognised for its courtesy.

If you deal with or are a customer of a courteous business in Ilfracombe, please nominate them.

Please note that we are unable to accept anonymous nominations as we need to verify them. We will not reveal your identity unless you give permission.

So let’s see more courteous businesses recognised in Ilfracombe.

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