Why courtesy?

How does courtesy affect people?

Simply by using please and thanks, you can make anyone feel better by showing your appreciation of them and what they do.

Who can please and thanks help?

Anyone and everyone, both in business and personally. We’re all human and need to connect with people around us. Please and thanks can connect you with anyone.

But I run a business – I’ve no time for sentimentality!

please and thanks improves business performance. Treating employees, customers and suppliers courteously can reduce costs and increase profits.

We don’t have a budget to waste on luxuries

You don’t have to spend any money to practise good manners. It’s all about what you do and how you do it – courtesy can save you money and increase your profits. Courtesy boosts business.

Does it take much effort?

We can say please and thanks and be polite without even thinking. It’s a good habit to learn and is attractive to other people.

How can I promote courtesy in my business?

Use our please and thanks courtesy toolkit which includes free practical advice and prompt sheets for you to download and use.

Isn’t politeness dull?

No, it’s about enjoying life. Saying please and thanks can put a spring in a person’s step. It makes people feel included, so that everyone shares in fun.

Good employers have good manners

Are you a good employer?

It costs nothing to say please and thanks . . .

. . . but it can transform your business.

Like this site . . . courtesy is free . . .

. . . and incredibly potent.

Please use please and thanks

Thank you.

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