What a customer wants

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1. Please listen to me

Don’t tell me what you want me to hear; listen to me and understand my needs. When I know you are taking notice of what I say, I am far more likely to buy from you.

2. Please do what you say you will do

Having to give you the same instructions again and again is very annoying. I am less likely to buy from you in the future, if you politely acknowledge my requests, then ignore them.

3. Please get the simple things right

Never mind your sophisticated systems, your promises and guarantees, please get the basics right. When I advise you that my address has changed, please change it in your system immediately and stop sending my correspondence to my old address by mistake.

4. Please don’t assume you know my needs

Just because I buy something once, please don’t assume that I will buy it again and again. If you really want to offer me the best service, find out what I actually want to buy each time.

5. If you say you care, please show it

Companies often conduct surveys to find out what their customers think of them, but often there is little evidence that service improves as a result. I am more likely to be impressed if you show you can get the basics right, such as: prompt, polite service; delivering the right item on time; charging the right amount; sorting out problems quickly and without fuss. It sounds simple, but how many companies can you name that actually do this?

6. Please treat me as a person

I buy again from companies that treat me like a person, not just a number. The individual approach works much better than the automated, impersonal one. In the long term, I am more likely to buy again and again from companies which make me feel comfortable.

Download pdf

Courtesy toolkit

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