Common courtesy

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1. Your behaviour influences your life

You influence every relationship you have with other people, so you have considerable influence over your life.

2. Your courtesy boosts everyone

The way you behave towards other people can attract similar behaviour to you. If you act courteously towards others, you can attract courtesy back – improving the quality of life for everyone.

3. Habitual courtesy is effortless

Like any other behaviour, courtesy becomes second nature when you practise it all the time – you’re courteous without even thinking.

4. Your courtesy is a strength

Some think that letting another person go first through a door is a sign of weakness, whereas it actually indicates your personal strength and confidence in using it responsibly.

5. Genuine courtesy shines

Many people can tell whether your behaviour is genuine – courtesy is only appreciated when you are sincere.

6. Take time to be polite

The effort is worth it, both from a business and personal point of view. People are more likely to put themselves out for you without being asked when they know that you will do the same for them.

7. Once you start, you’ll never stop

By acknowledging other people and what they do, you can increase your network of colleagues, associates and friends. People like people they can trust and prefer to do business with people they like. Courtesy is not only enjoyable, it can be profitable too.

And when it benefits everyone, we all win.

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