Stress and anger

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1. Take a pause

To avoid acting rudely when stressed or angry, try to pause before you do or say anything regrettable. Often, when the moment of anger passes, so does the need to react by behaving badly.

2. Put everything into perspective

Modern life is anything but convenient. So when it drives us mad, a major outburst can be out of proportion to the sum of the irritations. Don’t waste your energy on these insignificant events; focus on something positive.

3. Manage irritations rationally

When a person or organisation gets something wrong, deal with it efficiently, but coolly. They should right their mistake; it should not spoil your day. Ask them firmly and politely to sort it out for you.

4. Recognise your friends

When something is driving us mad, sometimes we snap at the first person at hand, often a friend. This is, indeed, madness and very poor behaviour. Recognise friends and respect their concern for you.

5. Radiate warmth

Sometimes we try to control our anger by channelling it into sarcasm, especially when dealing with awkward customers. However much we may feel a person deserves a sarcastic response, it is still impolite. Try to deal with such people in as balanced and friendly a manner as possible.

6. Seek appropriate help

It is important that where you are unable to manage the causes of constant stress or anger, you seek appropriate help from managers and colleagues or, where necessary, external specialists. In extreme cases, you may find your only option is to remove yourself entirely from the situation.

7. Address stress and anger NOW!

Stress and anger are neither healthy nor good for business. Whether you run your own business or are an employee, act now to deal with the causes of stress and anger – for you, your people and your business.

Download pdf

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