Mature management

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1. Be responsible for people

Everyone wants to be reasonably happy at work and you play a key role in making other people feel satisfied.

2. Know your people

You want your people to be productive, so get to know them and what makes them happy in their work. Say hello to people in the car park, in the corridor, in the canteen, on the shopfloor, anywhere and everywhere.

3. Be visible

Make a point of sticking your head out of your office to talk to your people and for your people to talk to you. It doesn’t matter how busy you are, it will only take a few moments, but it will have a big effect.

4. Earn your people’s trust

Often it’s what your people won’t tell you that is most important. Generally, few people trust their employers or managers today, but gaining trust is a key element of mature management.

5. Take note of people’s concerns

When your people do talk to you openly, take note of their concerns and acknowledge them. Paying lip service to them causes more damage than doing nothing.

6. Stand up for your people

Companies apply so much pressure on managers to cut costs and streamline processes that they reduce the value of individuals by commoditising them. As a mature manager, you owe it to both the company and its employees to stand up for your people and to assert their true value so that the company does not ignore its greatest asset.

7. Fail valiantly

You cannot always achieve what you want for your people, but never give up on them and they will not give up on you. There will always be new opportunities for the company to recognise the value of your people.

Download pdf

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