Business courtesy

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1. Business exists to make a profit

A business succeeds when it provides a product or service that is needed and controls its costs to generate a profit.

2. Courtesy improves service, reduces costs

Polite service costs your business nothing, yet can increase customer retention. When your customers buy from you again and again without thinking, you are marketing through courtesy – courtesy boosts business.

3. Courtesy is marketing

Recommendation has always been the most effective form of promotion. Ensure your people are aware of the importance of polite behaviour to make this an active – as opposed to passive – form of marketing.

4. Soft approach achieves hard results

Does your business order people about? Bullying achieves nothing but damage. Staff who are abused only despise their bosses and gossip about them behind their backs – at what cost to productivity? Bullying is not worth the effort – courtesy gets the job done better and faster.

5. Courtesy motivates all your people

How clean are your toilets? Do you know your cleaner? All people are most productive when they feel valued. Pay is important, but drudgery depresses us more than the need for money. If your cleaner is not motivated, is anyone else? Boost morale with courtesy.

6. Get it right first time

People who are happy in their jobs work more productively and accurately, making less mistakes – keeping costs down.

7. Don’t just keep staff happy – keep them

Why do so many people hate their jobs? How much does high staff turnover cost you? Just keeping your existing people saves you the cost of advertising, recruiting and training new people, who are also likely to leave. Courtesy can play a major role in improving staff retention.

Download pdf

Courtesy toolkit

See the other polite prompts in our please and thanks courtesy toolkit.

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