Courtesy Toolkit

Welcome to the please and thanks courtesy toolkit, packed with resources to help you promote courtesy.

Free to use and download

You are welcome to view or download and print off these materials for your business or personal use. Select polite prompt sheets and checklists from the menu to the right.

Common sense

All these materials are based on common sense and you may have much better ideas about how to promote courtesy. Perhaps you are already a very polite person and can teach us a few things?

Resolving problems

Courteous behaviour from everyone can help create the best working environment possible, although it cannot solve everything, especially where there are deep-seated problems. Courtesy is not a quick, easy fix for all problems and, in some circumstances, help may be required in specific areas to identify and resolve the cause of problems.

Keep up-to-date with new materials

These resources are being developed continuously, so please return to see what new materials are here for you to use. To ensure you keep up-to-date with new resources as we add them, please subscribe to our courtesy newsletter.

Your comments and suggestions

The purpose of the toolkit is to suggest ways of promoting courtesy in business, although many elements will also be useful on a personal level. If there are any suggestions you have for further materials, please let us know. We would also like to hear your comments on our materials, especially if you believe they can be improved.

Custom materials

We can also produce customised versions of these materials with your own logo on, although we ask for payment to support their production and the running of please and thanks.
For details, please call 0333 0444 354 or email


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Courtesy consultancy

Acting courteously can improve many aspects of business at no cost. There’s so much that can be done simply by changing attitudes and habits.

However, if you think you would benefit from additional support from an independent courtesy consultant to support your courtesy initiative, Robert and Simon Zarywacz can provide this – please contact us to discuss how we can assist you.

We are always happy to talk . . . whatever direction that leads you in.