When the sun shines . . .

. . . the world seems a better place.

Yesterday evening, a solitary evening primrose plant, which I had transported 200 miles during my recent house move, opened up its first, flagrant flower.

I felt that summer had arrived.

But it’s not only sunlight and the beauty of nature which brighten up our lives.

Yesterday, I also received some redirected junk mail; the third or so piece from the same designer hi-fi company since I moved. I have written back several times to ask them to stop sending me their literature, but to no avail.

Stirred by the waste of materials and annoyance to me, I visited their web site and sent an email asking them to remove me and pointing out that I tell my friends, family and business associates of poor service, so that every time they sent me another mailer, it would do them far more harm than good.

Unsurprisingly, a quick response included a promise to take me off their list.

This made me feel much better, because someone had taken the trouble to address my needs. I emailed back my thanks.

It is unfortunate that it took three or four communications and a polite threat to produce the required response, but it is all too common in these situations.

What is is more unfortunate is that often the people handling these issues are themselves very polite and efficient, making excellent ambassadors for the organisations they serve.

What a pity that they have to deal with things that have gone wrong.

Forget customer relationship management (CRM) technology, it is these people who are repairing their company’s tattered reputation for good service by personally sorting out all the messes.

The companies in which they work would be far better off re-organising their processes, so that these valuable people serve customers earlier on when they can prevent all the mishaps that occur.

Then, customer service would improve beyond our dreams and, for the consumer, it would be like summer every day.

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