The smallest acts can have a big effect

While out walking with our dogs this morning, we came to a narrow piece of pavement restricted by bollards. A boy of about 10 was walking towards us so I held the dogs back to enable him to pass. As he did so, he said “thank you” in a faint voice and I acknowledged his thanks.

A small act, but important in a fair society. Some people grumble about children having no manners, but it is up to adults to demonstrate how to behave well. Some businesses also complain that many young people don’t have social skills necessary for many types of work and again it is up to adults to show the way.

That boy could grow up to work in a shop, in an office or run an airline. All require effective social skills, of which courtesy is just one.

As well as knitting together different generations through mutual respect, courtesy helps young people, and others, want to be part of society. This includes eagerness to work and enthusiasm to participate in the running of a company, characteristics for which businesses are desperate.

How can we achieve this? Sometimes starting out in a small way is best.

Thank you.

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  • Greg T

    16/11/2011 at 14:13 Reply

    Very valid comment regarding young people, we often do not give them credit when deserved.

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