Thank you for listening

After my previous tale of telephone sales people who refuse to listen to what customers say they want, I am pleased to have been called by one who did listen.

Interrupted by a call to alert me to a free offer being promoted by an internet business service, he asked if I was able to go through it with him there and then. I replied that I was in the middle of something and that it was not convenient, but that I now knew the web site and would look at it if ever I needed the service.

At this, he thanked me and ended the call.


Not just for me, but for him too, because this was such an outstanding response from him that even now I remember the web site address and will do so in the future.

The point is that should I need this service, I will go and look at the web site.

That is a good result for the sales call, because I was never going to use the service yesterday – I had no need – but it has converted me from not knowing about this service to feeling that I will consider it first should I need it in future.

With millions of businesses in the UK competing with each other and with even more businesses operating internationally, it is an achievement every time one more person notices your business and an even bigger one if it goes to the top of their list of preferred suppliers.

Sales people who try to co-erce people into buying from them either end up with disgruntled customers, who feel they have been tricked into a purchase and are less likely to be loyal, or turn people away from their business – possibly forever.

Attracting customers by listening to their needs and responding to them is the best way of winning new business. Customers who feel they trust your business, because you provide a good service and do not pester them, can purchase from you again and again – a very economical way of generating business.

There are many reasons why people choose to buy from a specific business and the decision-making process can be a complex one, but bringing your business to a new customer’s attention and helping to put them in the right frame of mind to buy from you is crucial to a sale – and courtesy is the key to achieving this.

So, in conclusion, thank you to all those sales people who do listen and are courteous – long may you sell to your customers.

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