cost + cost + cost = cost

The 21st Century corporate world is a world of costs: recruiting is a cost; training is a cost; motivation is a cost; salary is a cost; stress is a cost; sickness is a cost; absence is a cost; employee turnover is a cost; external consultancy to remedy everything is a cost.

Where is the value?

With so many large companies focusing entirely on balance sheets and taking their eyes off their most important tool – their people – it is no surprise that service is worse than ever and companies have to work harder and spend more money not only to attract new customers, but to retain existing ones.

With stress estimated by some surveys to cost UK business some £1.25 billion per year and overall absenteeism costing £11.5 bn, it does not require a highly paid consultant to deduce that there is something fundamentally wrong with the way that many UK businesses treat employees.

Over the past 20 years, the growth in expensive ‘motivation programmes’, ‘team-building exercises’ and every shade of fashionable scheme has not always improved matters and has sometimes made things worse.

With the billions of pounds spent on these activities, why is the UK workforce over-stressed, bullied and less productive than its foreign counter-parts?

Why is it that whenever you deal with a representative of a large company, it is a 50/50 gamble that something will go wrong?

Is it because in the rush to cut costs and outsource every possible activity, many directors and senior management have outsourced their personal responsibility to inspire and lead their employees?

Can any business rely solely on programmes conceived and run by external consultancies to act as an effective substitute for good leadership?

please and thanks promotes the benefits to business of courtesy. We say courtesy is free. We do not say courtesy is easy. We believe it is by far the most effective way of creating a contented and productive workforce.

We promote courtesy to inspire improvements in working life and business performance.

Which companies have the courage and the determination to use it?

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