Applying more energy to increase productivity

When originally setting up please and thanks, we met the late Albert Humphrey, or Humph as he liked to be called. We discussed what we were doing and he told us about the research project he had led at Stanford Research Institute in the 1960s into why businesses fail.

The research confirmed that the average employee performs at an energy input of about 30% to 35%. If properly motivated in an atmosphere of ‘fair play’, an employee can increase the amount of energy they apply to 50%. If replicated throughout an organisation, productivity gains of some 35% are possible.

The concept of ‘fair play’ struck a chord with us and we recognised the relevance of courtesy. While courtesy won’t necessarily improve productivity by itself, it can play a big part in improving the culture of an organisation, its management and its processes. It can be a starting point for improving many aspects of a business.

That is why we believe it is important, especially at a time when many businesses need to assess their entire operations to meet the challenges we now face.

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