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Vital for businesses focus on courtesy in tough times

Thank you to the Daily Express for asking us to comment for their article on the Young Foundation’s report on courtesy in Britain.

It is, indeed, essential that businesses maintain a focus on courtesy when times are tough. This is probably the most difficult time when people are under pressure or over-stretched. However, courtesy costs nothing and a please and thank you can mean a lot to people.

It is good to see that the report considers Britons to be generally more civil to each other than in most other western countries. and the National Campaign for Courtesy work to recognise and celebrate businesses and individuals who are courteous and demonstrate how much this contributes to better quality of life for all.

The most entertaining AGM I’ve ever attended

On Saturday 21 May 2011 I attended the annual general meeting of the National Campaign for Courtesy at the Club for Acts and Actors in London. Now, AGMs are often dry and lacklustre affairs and, while all the necessary campaign business was completed efficiently, the whole event proved very entertaining.

One of the reasons was the presentation of courtesy awards to some well-known names: guitar legend Bert Weedon, ‘Green Goddess’ Diana Moran and variety entertainer Mickie Driver. All three accepted their awards graciously and politely and recounted how important courtesy is to them.

Speakers included Belinda Singleton, who described her work in prisons and how powerful courtesy is in helping prisoners’ development. Then¬†new patron Wyn Calvin, ‘the Welsh Prince of Laughter’, ¬†mingled entertaining stories with comments on the importance of courtesy. And Paul Smith told us about the stories in his book Great Moments of Sportsmanship and how important courtesy is in behaving in a sporting manner.

Finally, there was a question and answer session with some of the speakers who were joined by Anne Ling, who helped produce BBC Radio 4’s Just a Minute.

What was so striking was the enthusiasm and commitment to courtesy shown by everyone: executive, speakers, entertainers and members.

It only remains to say ‘thank you’ to all who organised, participated in and attended the AGM.

please and thanks is coming back

Hello there. If you think you’ve seen please and thanks before, you’re right.

We’ve been asked by the National Campaign for Courtesy to revive our courtesy boosts business initiative and we’ll be back soon.

We hope you’ll be just as excited by this as we are.

We believe courtesy has a huge part to play in successful businesses and any organisation.

Please use our free courtesy toolkit

Welcome to the please and thanks courtesy toolkit, which contains resources to help promote courtesy. You are welcome to download and print off these materials for your business or personal use.

The purpose of the toolkit is to suggest ways of promoting courtesy in business, although many elements will also be useful on a personal level. If there are any suggestions you have for further materials, please let us know. We would also like to hear your comments on our materials, especially if you believe they can be improved.

We can also produce customised versions of these materials with your own logo on, although we ask for payment to support their production and the running of please and thanks.

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