Be polite

Being polite costs nothing, but it is incredibly potent.

It can change the way people think about you and can build respect very fast. That’s why courtesy is indispensable to any business serious about reducing its marketing and operational costs, improving staff retention and building customer loyalty.

Even if you’re a hard-nosed business owner or executive, how can you ignore something so effective that is free? We’ll say it again: courtesy is free.

But courtesy is not just about business and profits, it’s also about improving every aspect of our lives.

Lobbying businesses and organisations

We’re asking leaders and representatives of businesses and employees, as well as politicians and public figures, to endorse the principle that courtesy boosts business.

We are doing this to discover how courteous our business leaders are and to generate momentum for our campaign.

To create and maintain a culture of courtesy requires continued effort and support from every quarter – from big business and small business, from employers’ organisations and unions, from chief executives and junior employees.

Every one of these makes a difference to our business and working culture – no one is immune from influencing the lives of their bosses, employees, colleagues and customers. No one has any excuse for behaving discourteously.

Courtesy toolkit supports initiative

We’ve also created the please and thanks courtesy toolkit, which we will continue to develop. The toolkit provides useful prompts and hints on courtesy in the workplace and outside and how to promote courtesy within your organisation.

Send us your suggestions and experiences

And, of course, we’d like to hear your suggestions and experiences. Rather than focus on rude and impolite organisations, we want to highlight the polite ones. Whether it’s a colleague, boss, member of staff, supplier, customer or anyone else, send us your stories of how courtesy makes life better. We’re particularly looking for instances of where a courteous approach can be shown to have improved business performance – please email your experiences to us at or via our contact form.

And if you’re in an organisation looking to sponsor a worthwhile cause, please get in touch so that we can promote courtesy as widely as possible.

Thank you

Finally, thank you for visiting the site and please persevere with courtesy not only in the year ahead, but always.

Courtesy is, after all, a way of life.

please and thanks

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