October 24th, 2013


Does fair play cost too much for business?

Earlier this week, the Archbishop of Canterbury was quoted by the Telegraph saying that “economic growth is not enough to make Britain a ‘healthy society’” and that creating a more caring society is just as important. Certainly, a strong economy is important to funding our homes, food and energy as well as the public services we all need [...]

April 23rd, 2013

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Just take two seconds to . . .

. . . say ‘thank you’. It happens all the time. We’re busy. Our colleagues are busy. Our customers are busy. There’s a deadline to be met. We work beyond our contracted hours. We do it for our colleagues, for our customers, for the business or organisation, for the community. We lose all track of [...]

April 8th, 2013

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Courtesy works both ways at work and in business

It’s a common sight in doctors’ surgeries, banks and similar places to see signs saying that offensive language and aggression towards employees will not be tolerated and that anyone doing so will be required to leave. Recently, I’ve also heard individuals complain about the way they have been treated by both public services and private [...]

February 27th, 2013

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NEET calling is not neat

Lately I’ve been doing some work with public sector organisations on the issue of young people in employment and enterprise. Unemployment among young people is a major issue in the UK and I believe all sectors of the community have a part to play in addressing this. What strikes me is the way young people [...]

July 2nd, 2012

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My word is my bond

Recent media attention on certain practices at some banks could lead us to think that no one in business shows any respect to others. However, we ought to remember that there are millions of businesses in the UK, of all types and sizes, and that many people in business do respect and show courtesy to [...]

Who can please and thanks help?

Anyone and everyone, both in business and personally. We're all human and need to connect with people around us. please and thanks can connect you with anyone.

I run a business and have no time for sentimentality

please and thanks can raise productivity. Treating employees, customers and suppliers courteously can reduce costs and improve performance.

Isn’t being polite a sign of weakness?

No, it's a sign of strength. By acting politely you can demonstrate that you are confident of your abilities and status and are powerful enough to help others.